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Friday, July 29th, 2005
10:51 am
Great news - though I may be late!
When I went to Warped Tour a few weeks ago, I went over to the Dropkick Murphy's tent and they were telling me about the new GIVE 'EM THE BOOT DVD from Hellcat that is going to be released next week. I've been waiting for something on the Hellcat bands and it's finally here. Its supposed to have lots of live performances by bands like Rancid, Transplants, Horrorpops, Tiger Army, and a lot more. Joe Strummer and Iggy Pop are on it too...plus all the Hellcat bands. By far this will be one of the best music DVD release all year!
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Friday, April 22nd, 2005
10:28 pm
New GC community
I started a new GC community because I was tired of the GC hate in a certain GC community. It's small and desperately need members that will post. If you're are interested come and join gd_gdcharlotte. You can post pics, wallpaper, love sick rants, basically anything that relates to the guys.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

See you there!

(To the Mod - I hope it's ok I have posted this here. If it's not just delete it. Once I have more members, feel free to post a pimp for this comm. =) )

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Friday, January 28th, 2005
8:11 pm
Made top for sale
I'm selling the only Made item I own. Click here to bid on it.

Make a college kid happy.

x-posted to gc_fans, goodcharlotte, and punkmart

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Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
7:50 pm
if you miss old gc, pick up the new cd. i'm only a few songs in, and i'm already getting an old gc vibe.

which is really, really nice.

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Sunday, March 21st, 2004
12:14 pm
im a late dorkusamorkus
hey kids, ive actualy belonged to this community for a while but i havnt really posted. :o( sorrys. i miss GC back in the days of AARON. i remeber being pissed at him for leaving but now i guess i cant blame him. oh wellses, add me to ur friends list and ill add you back.

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Saturday, January 24th, 2004
10:53 pm
ok my first post here..

well i terribly miss old school gc. so many things have changed since then..*sigh* but what probably bothers me more, are the people that claim they knew about gc before they were on trl and all that when in fact, the first song they ever heard of them was lifestyles. the people that say that because they dont want to be categorized as, teenies. i mean, its not that big of a deal if you didnt know about them, it dosent make you any less of a fan but you dont have to lie about it.

and it also bothers me as some people said before, that you are automatically a poser if you like them. i told some girl i liked them and she said not to tell anyone else but she would still talk to me. i was extremely offended.

what i really miss is how benji looked so fresh faced and young, and his red plaid pants, and being able to talk about gc and not get made fun of for it or be categorized or labeled.

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Sunday, January 18th, 2004
9:58 am
Hey, new girl
Seems like everyone feels the way I do about the 'old school GC'. Personally I miss Benj when he thought he was Sid, and when Joel was shy and when Billy was mistakenly took for being on crack and Paul was just him. << actually I don't think Paul changed at all. :)

I can relate to the last entry, (about the girl and shit) I went to the [ October 17th 03 ] show and I brought a friend cos she just finally got to know MeST, and when GC came on she had no idea who they were and every time I nudged her to sing she was like 'Ummm I don't know the words' and this was for the first album songs. She only knew their newest singles. Grrr I hate her.

But yeah, we got to meet the GC boys, they remembered me or Benj did. :) but yeah, she kept name dropping. I was embarrassed for her! God I'm so glad they like all their fans, even their dumbest ones.

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Thursday, January 15th, 2004
3:26 pm
hello everyone. new person here.

i've been a fan of good charlotte for almost, hmm, 3 years now, before they went mainstream. i remember the first time that i heard them (on my friend's discman, 'little things'), and i felt such a strong connection. it was unlike anything i had ever felt before when listening to music. i had been bouncing around a lot between music styles, so i give a lot of credit to good charlotte for giving me direction.

but now that they've been ruined for me by teenies? ugh. it makes me sick. i mean, i still love them, but the fact that 40-gazillion 12 year olds do too, who don't even know the words to the first cd? sick. (actually, a funny story - i was at a good charlotte concert last spring, and there was this girl behind me - she had this airbrushed shirt that said 'benji's baby' and a trucker hat and everything. tack. ee. she was all, 'i'm such a fan of good charlotte! benji, i love you!' i turn around to look at her during 'little things', and she just looked sooo confused. heh.)

and its not like i'm not going to abandon them. i've stuck with good charlotte through all of their changes, and i really am happy and proud of them. i've bought some GC merch, and the cds...i just keep it to myself now. because the VERY last thing that i want to see/hear is someone give me a condescending look when i tell them that i am one of GC's biggest fans.

wow. long post. be gentle, okay?

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Monday, January 12th, 2004
1:16 pm
wow...i heard a different version of "say anything" from Y&H...it's definitely not new, it's old school GC...maybe some of you have heard it but if you haven't, it's called "time after time"...as much as i like "say anything" i like the old song a lot better...there were actually a couple different old GC songs on the MP3 but it was scratched so i couldn't hear 3 of them :(
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Friday, January 2nd, 2004
9:52 pm
Hey kids. I'm new here + glad I found this community because I miss old GC like crazy. Their new stuff is alright I suppose as far as the music, but they just seem so mainstream now and everyone likes them. Two years ago, as a freshman in high school, I was an openly obsessed Good Charlotte girl and no one gave me a hard time about it; in fact most people didn't know who they were. Now, due to the general stereotypes someone who likes any type of GC songs at all is automatically labeled a poseur, at least where I come from. So yeah, anyway. Hi.

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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003
5:23 pm
I just found this community and thought I'd join. I miss old GC. As much as I love them now, it was kinda cool having people ask who they were and not making fun of you cuz you liked them.
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Saturday, December 13th, 2003
7:27 pm
hey i'm new. i really miss old good charlotte. i remember when i'd say my favorite band is good charlotte and people would have no idea what i was talking about. now, when i say they're my favorite band people think i'm trying to be like everyone else by liking them. all everyone talks about these days are how hot they are. i liked it way better when people liked them for their music, not what they look like..
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3:21 pm
Hey y'all...

I just found this community, decided to join.

I most definetely miss old-school GC. I first heard them about 3 or 4 years ago, and I fell in love with them and their music. They were kind of like my own personal band...I would wear my GC shirt, and everyone would say "Good Charlotte? Who's she?". or I would be talking about Benji, and someone would say "What's a Benji...isnt that a dog?". I guess it made me feel kinda special, like I had discovered this wondeful thing (that wonderful thing being GC) and I had it all to myself. I didn't have any one telling me "gc sucks" or even "I'm a bigger GC fan than you", because noone had even heard of them.

I love their new stuff, too, but not nearly as much. The old stuff always made me feel so good, it had this kind of...energy, I guess.

It used to be I couldn't go a day without listening to their CD in my room, on repeat, for a couple hours. Now, I don't listen to them as much, even though I do still love them. But every once in a while, I'll put on the old GC CD, and I'll just get this feeling...I don't know what it is, but it's like I'm happy and sad at once. I'm happy because I'm remembering the old GC, and how much I love it, the music makes me happy. But I'm sad because it's not the same anymore, and I miss it. Does that make sense? Does anyone know what I mean, or am I just babbling?
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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
5:24 pm
I got this article from http://www.red-mag.com/nov20/charlotte.html I thought it was a pretty good article and generally related to this community.

Good Charlotte's Fame, Fans and Hatred of MTV Collapse )

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Sunday, November 23rd, 2003
10:09 pm
I have never really posted here before, because I was always happy with GC...until I went to Sacramento and San Jose to see them. Paul and Billy were just as sweet as they were the first time that I met them, but Benji and Joel were kind of assy. Joel mostly. He didn't even stay for the autograph signings...he came out of the venue with a towel over his head and hightailed it...both nights. The first night someone told me about but for the San Jose show, I witnessed it (long story...we didn't have tickets so we hung out with roadies and just listened). Okay. So that's all I got, just needed to vent.

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Sunday, November 16th, 2003
3:52 pm
Since no one has updated in a while...
GC was always MY band, ya know? Like I could say Joel was my 23 year old boyfriend, and people would believe me. Whenever anyone asked me who my favorite band was, they would give me blank stares as I told them it was Good Charlotte. They were unknown and so fucking good.
Now, it's just blah. I recently gave my friend GC's old CD because I couldn't stand to look at it anymore. But I don't think she really cared one way or another. I'm regretting my decision now, but still, she just doesn't understand how amazing they were without all the MTV hype. She has just ruined anything that could ever come out of my obsession by continuely singing "Girls and Boys". And whenever I mention Aaron or Dusty, she's like, "Who?"
But I recently saw the video for "Hold On", and it's thrown me back into a whirlwind of emotions. So much of my life happened the way it did because of GC, and I'm glad for that, but it's just not the same anymore, and I'm afraid to let myself succumb to the feelings that I get from listening to their music. I guess I'll be a closet fan forever.
Anyways, did anyone watch the first episodes of ATR like a madman? I remember staying up until 2 AM every weekday just so I could laugh my ass off. I miss those nights. I miss the damn hot boxes they sat on, and that weird funky tattoo design behind them. I miss the bickering and I miss Benji's gay voice. Now it's just "Let's walk around a city and play really bad videos". Where's the fun in that? But I still have so many episodes taped, and I will never give them up for anything.

Okay, this is getting really long, so I am going to stop.

PS. Why did MADE replace Joel's wifebeater and where's Benji's lock and chain?
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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003
9:14 pm
hey everyone im new...

i mos def miss old gc ( i love "change")
when i heard lifestyles of the rich and the famous,i was dissapointed. i thought it sucked.
i went from loving them to just liking them, but i wont forget all the old school good stuff.
ah, and i also met benji at the airport in maryland once. yea he kinda of looked at us and walked away when we said something to him. im sure he wouldnt have done this before they got so famous. who knows.
well, that is all.


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Thursday, October 2nd, 2003
7:57 pm

Guys. Please go to GOOD CHARLOTTE ONLINE and donate some money. Kids, that is the best Good Charlotte site out there. They have the most info about GC, all their songs up for download and the most pictures of Good Charlotte on the web. Even some exclusives. And also, if you donate money, send Lissa (webmistress) your email address, and she'll send you something special.

Guys, if you love GC as much as I do, you'll go donate. Even a dollar is appreciated. Let's get this site back up and running! Thanks.

- Ty

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Saturday, September 6th, 2003
1:01 pm
i miss this.
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Sunday, August 31st, 2003
2:16 am
Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had an extra code they'd like to give me... My friend is in desperate need of a LiveJournal! I'll be forever grateful to the person who is willing to donate. :)

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